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Из мира дизайна и рекламы

Terms and conditions of the competition

1. General rules
1.1. The contest is organized by project Yudesigner.
1.2. Contest subject - is creation of a birthday card.
1.3. The dates of the contest are May 21st - May 27th, 2012.
1.4. The 1st, 2nd and 3d place winners will be defined on May 30th.
1.5. Administrators and editors of the site as well as their relatives can not take part in the contest.

2. Requirements for the participants.
2.1. Any registered user of the site can be a participant.
2.2. In order to take part in contest one need to make a birthday card and send it on e-mail: info@youdesigner.kz. The subject of the letter - "Birthday card"
2.3. Personal data:
2.3.1. By taking part in the contest you automatically agree on processing of your personal data by organizers.
2.3.2. Organizers guarantee that the personal data will be processed in compliance with the valid legislation.

3. Rights and responsibilities of the Participant and the Organizer.
3.1. The Participant of the contest has the right:

- to take part in the contest in accordance with the present rules;

- to receive information on terms and conditions of the contest;

- receive the award in case of win in accordance with the present rules;

- by taking part in the contest the participant agrees withs the present rules;

3.2. The Organizer of the contest has the right:

- to post pictures of the participants of the contest.

3.3. The Organizer does not bear responsibility for:

- non-fulfillment (later fulfillment) of obligations by participants of the contest in accordance with the present rules;

- for errors of mail services;

- for errors of mobile operators, system errors and other system failures of internet providers who service the participants of the present contest;

4. Reward
According to the results of the competition participants who win 1st, 2nd and 3d places will receive money on their cell phones - $50, $30 and $20 correspondingly.
The winner CAN NOT refuse from the award.

5. Receiving the award
When the winner is defined he or she will receive notification on e-mail or cell phone and will receive money on his or her cell phone.

6. Other conditions
- The Organizer has the right to extend the time of the contest. In that case changes in the rules will be made and the participants will be informed about the changes 3 days beforehand.
- The Organizer does not bare responsibility for dates carry over and other problems with the contest in case of force majeure.
- The Organizer has the right to post additional information about the contest.
- In order to get the award the participant should comply with all the present rules.